Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalMedweight and Lasers has been doing laser hair removal since 1997. We are the only clinic that offers a lifetime guarantee on all hair removal packages!

The science of lasers has advanced dramatically over the past several years. Any individual can now be treated with the appropriate laser for removal of hair. We have 14 lasers of different types to allow us the ability to treat all skin types. Some of our most popular lasers for this treatment include the Gentlelase, Elite MPX and Apogee. Our lasering is done by registered nurses as required by law in the state of California.

Due to the fact that hair grows in cycles, and only actively growing hair can be destroyed by the laser. The treatment protocol, therefore, requires several treatments for the complete removal of hair.
Laser hair removal is not very painful and has become very patient friendly with the development of new types of cooling on the lasers. Laser hair removal can be accomplished in a matter of minutes depending on the area treated. Although multiple sessions are required, at Medweight and Lasers you pay one price until treatment is complete.

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